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C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 VILNIUS 001512 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 12/04/2014 
     ¶B. VILNIUS 1480 
Classified By: Vice Consul Timothy E. Liston for reasons 1.4(B) and (D) 
¶1. (C) Summary: Congressman Alcee Hastings, attending a 
GOL-sponsored conference on the promotion of democracy in 
Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and the South Caucasus, met with 
President Adamkus and parliamentary (Seimas) and GOL foreign 
policy experts on December 3 to discuss the current Ukrainian 
political crisis and propose an OSCE conference on issues 
affecting the Baltic region, i.e. trafficking in persons, 
Belarus and counter-terrorism.  Hastings, speaking as 
President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, praised 
President Adamkus for his mediation efforts of the Ukraine 
political crisis.  President Adamkus planned to continue 
these efforts, but said he was "not encouraged" by President 
Kuchma's trip to Moscow last week.  President Adamkus and 
Seimas officials promised to assist Congressman Hastings in 
formulating an agenda for his proposed OSCE conference on the 
Baltic region.  President Adamkus and other Lithuanian 
interlocutors reacted positively to Hastings' calls for a 
more proactive policy towards Belarus. President Adamkus 
warned of repeating past mistakes of EU policy toward Ukraine 
when formulating a new policy toward Belarus.  End Summary. 
Ukraine: President Adamkus doing what he can 
¶2. (SBU) Congressman Hastings, representing the OSCE 
Parliamentary Assembly as its President, attended a 
GOL-sponsored conference on promotion of democracy in 
Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and the South Caucasus. On the 
margins of the conference, Congressmen Hastings met with 
several GOL leaders, including President Adamkus. The 
President stressed his determination to continue mediating a 
peaceful solution to the current political crisis in the 
Ukraine.  He, however, expressed his dismay with President 
Kuchma's decision last week to meet with Russian President 
Putin on the situation in Ukraine.  President Adamkus was 
"not encouraged" by President Putin's level of involvement - 
nor by the statements following the Putin-Kuchma meeting - in 
what Adamkus considered Ukrainian internal affairs. 
Nevertheless, Adamkus underlined his determination to see the 
mediation process through to its end (which, together with 
Polish President Kwasniewski and EU High Representative 
Solana, he has done successfully -- reftel). 
Hastings Proposes Baltic Regional Conference 
¶3. (U) Congressman Hastings put forth in all of his meetings 
the idea of holding an OSCE-sponsored conference addressing 
the issues and challenges that face the Baltic region, 
mentioning Trafficking in Persons, counter-terrorism, and 
Belarus as the headlining issues.  Congressman Hastings 
looked forward to working with GOL officials and Seimas 
leaders in putting together a useful conference with a timely 
agenda.  President Adamkus, Chairman of the Seimas Arturas 
Paulauskas, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee 
Justinas Karosas, and National Security Committee Chairman 
Alvydas Sadeckas welcomed the idea of such a conference, and 
promised to lend assistance in bringing it to fruition. 
¶4. (C) A central issue during each of Congressman Hastings' 
meetings was Belarus, which he planned to make a central 
topic at his envisioned OSCE conference on the Baltic region. 
 Hastings underlined the need for a more proactive policy 
toward Belarus, and looked to Lithuania to offer insights on 
the way ahead.  He noted that a policy of isolation would not 
foment regime change in Belarus, and thought it important to 
invite representatives of the Belarusian government, opening 
some channel for frank discussions on the current political 
situation in Belarus. 
¶5. (C) All parties - particularly President Adamkus and 
Seimas Foreign Affairs Chairman Karosas - thought a more 
proactive policy toward Belarus could help stimulate 
pro-democratic forces there.  President Adamkus, prefacing 
his remarks by stating his disapproval of Belarusian 
President Lukashenko, said a more proactive policy would 
allow for the Belarusian people's voice to be heard - 
"pumping oxygen" into the democratic movement.  President 
Adamkus was quick to draw parallels between Belarus and 
Ukraine, noting that the EU's "reluctance" to give Belarus 
any signals about becoming part of the "EU family" is similar 
to its approach towards Ukraine over the past decade.  In 
Adamkus' mind, the EU's lack of engagement in Ukraine has had 
lasting effects, including the current political crisis 
gripping Kiev.  He stated that the EU must own up to this 
fact, and not repeat the same mistakes with Belarus. 
¶6. (C) Rep. Hastings visit afforded Lithuanian government 
officials another opportunity to state their commitment to 
playing an active role in the resolution of Ukraine's 
political imbroglio and voice their support for a more active 
approach to Belarus.  President Adamkus echoed most of his 
Ukraine comments - sans Belarus parallels - made to 
Congressman Hastings at a dinner he hosted that night for an 
international group of government officials and NGO 
representatives.  However, President Adamkus' comparative 
remarks on Belarus and Ukraine and the GOL's overall positive 
response -- particularly from the new Chairman of the Seimas 
Foreign Relations Committee - to develop a more active policy 
towards Belarus is worth noting, and could signal increased 
Lithuanian efforts to bring about a higher degree of activism 
on the EU-level. 
CODEL Hastings has not cleared on this cable.