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C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 03 VILNIUS 000367 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 04/06/2015 
     ¶B. VILNIUS 198 
     ¶C. VILNIUS 103 
Classified By: Political/Economic Officer Alexander Titolo for reasons 
1.4 (b) and (d) 
¶1. (U) SUMMARY: The GOL updated and augmented its needs 
assessment for the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction 
Team (PRT) in the desolate Ghowr province of western 
Afghanistan.  Following the March 30 return from Afghanistan 
of Lithuania's PRT reconnaissance team, the MFA advanced us a 
copy of the revised list of requirements they will present to 
SHAPE.  The limited accessibility of Chaghcharan, airfield 
maintenance issues, and harsh weather conditions prompted 
addition of most new items.  The new list consolidates 
resources the GOL anticipates requiring to stand up the 
150-person PRT.  The GOL will be working through SHAPE to 
help them fill the order.  END SUMMARY. 
¶2. (U) The new list is predicated on GOL assumptions that: 
-- construction of the base camp will be complete before the 
onset of winter (hence the demanding air lift schedule for 
delivery of men and materials); 
-- the full PRT complement of 140-150 individuals will deploy 
by October; 
-- the PRT will establish mobile units in each of Ghowr 
province's seven districts (hence the large number of night 
vision goggles); 
-- the camp will operate year-round (hence the equipment to 
keep the airfield operational); and 
-- the PRT will construct a camp using local materials 
(stone) and local labor that will be of use to the community 
when the PRT completes its mission and withdraws. 
The List of PRT Support Requirements 
¶3. (U) The MFA provided the list below on April 2.  MOD 
authorities had, at that time, not yet signed off on the 
document.  MFA passed it on, therefore, as a notional text. 
It is now an official, fully cleared GOL document, which the 
Lithuanian Delegation presented on April 5  to the U.S. 
Delegation (OSD, Joint Staff J5, EUCOM J5 and USDAO Vilnius) 
at the US-LH Bilateral Working Group in Garmisch, Germany. 
Lithuanian Delegation informed DATT that the Lithuanian NMR 
also provided the list to SHAPE. 
Begin list: 
Strategic airlift for the deployment and sustainment of the 
-- Strategic airlift (12-15 sorties of C-17) is required from 
SIAULIAI (ZOKNIAI) (Lithuania) to HERAT 06 -- 20 JUN 2005 
Lithuania had to change planned PRT IOC dates because 
HERAT FSB is planned to have IOC only on 1 JUN. 
-- 1 sortie of strategic airlift a week or fortnightly to 
sustain PRT from ZOKNIAI to HEART beyond 1 July 2005. 
Using RAMSTEIN airbase is also possible. 
Additional personnel, equipment and capabilities (footnote 1): 
-- Airfield support capability in CHAGHCHARAN (Deployable 
Operating Base): 
----Refueling for helicopters of at least 4000 LBS 
----Airfield support personnel 
----All required equipment to keep the airfield operational 
------1 Road Grader 
------1 Drum Roller 
------2 MHE, 3.5T and l0T Rough Terrain Fork lifts with man 
basket to on/off load C-130 aircraft. 
------2 Portable Light Sets 
------1 Water truck for spreading water for dust control and 
------Air navigation equipment to keep airfield operational 
in any weather conditions 
Tactical Air Control Party 
1 Counter intelligence officer (with Dari dialect skills). 
General Project manager/engineer and Quality Assurance 
Representative for the base engineering project supervision. 
Support in designing the PRT camp and preparing technical 
Equipment for PRT and base camp operations: 
--6 armed HMMWV M1114 with mounted machine guns (12,7 mm) 
--8 ground-air radios (PRC-117F) 
--10 external crypto devices for radio stations (HF/ VHF) 
--GPS -- 21 pieces; 
--Night vision goggles (PVS-14 (F6015) (III /IV generation) 
87 pieces; 
--Mobile thermo-vision binoculars -- 12 pieces 
--Blue Force tracker -- 9 pieces; 
--Storage tanks for: 
----Fuel for FOC -- 50,00--liter steel tanks -- 1--pieces 
----Fuel for IOC -- 10,000--liter bladders -- 7 pieces 
----Fresh water -- 1500--L plastic -- 2 pieces 
----Fresh water -- 3500--L plastic -- 1 piece 
--Fuel testing kit -- 2 pieces 
--8'/20' containers-refrigerators 4 chillers / 2 freezer 
--8'/20' containers for dry storage -2 
--8'/20' containers for ammunition -- 2 
--8'/20' containers for personnel bunkers -- 10 
--GP medium tents with environmental control unit for IOC -- 
20 pieces 
--Base equipment: 
----5 generators for IOC; 3 -- 30 KW primary and 2 -- 10 KW 
for backup to medical and JOC bldgs. 
--5 generators for FOC; 3 -- 500 KW primary 
--HESCOS MIL 10-bastions for bunkers, fuel storage area and 
entrance control -- 100 pieces (MIL 10-specifications -- 2.12 
m. height: 1.52 m. width: 30.5 m. length) 
--Concertina, barbed wire -- up to 10km; 
--8'/20' containers, temperature controlled for water for IOC 
--Containers for storage -- 15 
--Stationary water purification station 15,000-L/day -- 1 
--Gators -- rough terrain small cargo vehicles -- 6 pieces 
--Bobcat with track and bucket loader, forks, post hole 
digger, trenching attachment 
--Medical equipment: 
--Patient vital signs monitor (Propaq) -- 2 
--Mobile X-Ray unit (with digital imaging system) -- 1 
--Portable diagnostic ultrasound imaging system -- 1 
--Chemical agent water testing kit -- 1 
--Water testing kit-bacteriological -- 1 
--Food chemical agent detector kit -1 
--Multi colorimeter and test kit -- 1 
--Thermostat/mini incubator -1 
--Homogenizer -- 1 
--Warm gear, full body- 5 
--Serum against snakebite (the right for Afghanistan region, 
ready to use) -- 3 
--Morphine sulphate 10mg auto injector syringes with needle 
-- 1500 pieces 
Personnel training for PRT: 
--HMMWV drivers and mechanics training conducted in Lithuania 
at the end of April (and) beginning of May; 
--HMMWV drivers training in theatre; 
--IED specialist training conducted in Lithuania in May; 
--Support in PRT HQ training and supervision of the PRT 
training conducted in May in Lithuania; 
Training of 10 Forward Air Controllers for the PRT. Might be 
conducted in theatre. 
(footnote 1) As of present CHAGHCHARAN airfield is in 
unusable condition.  To bring up and maintain airfield in a 
condition Lithuania would require substantial assistance with 
reconstruction effort, additional personnel and special 
End list. 
¶4. (U) We note that the GOL has already requested some items 
in previous, non-PRT-related lists of anticipated needs; some 
items are already in the pipeline; and some items may be in 
the Lithuanian military's own warehouses. 
¶5. (C) Comment: Whether or not Lithuania's determined 
military leaders can meet their exacting timetable and 
establish a fully operational 150-person team in Afghanistan 
by next winter remains to be seen.  Even if the goal slips to 
2006, long lead times for military procurement mean that it's 
time to equip the PRT now.  Lithuania will look to NATO 
allies to provide resources beyond its own limited means.