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Title: Government of Lithuania request Requests for

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SUBJECT:  Government of Lithuania request Requests for 
Generation III Night Vision Devices (NVD) - Country Team 
REF: Vilnius 253 and previous 
¶1.  Summary:  The GOL recently provided us with a formal 
request requested that the USG provide Generation III Night 
Vision Devices (NVDs) for their its troops deploying in 
support of a Provincial Reconstruction Tteam in Afghanistan 
and SOF troops preparing to support NATO NATO Reaction 
Forces -5 and -6 missions.  The GOL plans to purchase the 
NVDs with FMF grant funds.  As indicated previously 
(reftel), we Post strongly supports Lithuania's request for 
NVDs. End Summary. 
A Staunch, Active Ally 
¶2.  Lithuania fully supports U.S. policies in the Global War 
on Terrorism and staunchly supports Operation Enduring 
Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Most recently, 
Lithuania volunteered to lead a NATO Provincial 
Reconstruction Team in a particularly challenging corner of 
western Afghanistan, demonstratingreaffirming that its deep 
commitment to NATO less than a year after accession to the 
alliance.  The Lithuanian Parliament, in September 2004, 
approved a bill extending its military's participation in 
Central and South Asia, the Persian Gulf, and the Balkans. 
Lithuanian Special Operations Forces maintained a nearly 
continuous presence in Afghanistan from November 2002 to 
December 2004 and committed to return in 2006.  They also 
recently committed to participate in NATO Reaction Forces -5 
and -6. Lithuanians have also served in Kuwait and Iraq 
since April 2003, and over 100 Lithuanians are currently in 
Iraq. Since 1994, over 1,300 Lithuanians have participated 
in Ppeacekeeping operations in the Balkans.  Over 100 
Lithuanian troops serve there now.  Lithuania continues to 
transform its military from a territorial, defense- oriented 
army to an expeditionary style force.  Lithuania is 
committed to having a fully deployable battalion combat team 
with organic air defense assets ready to support NATO 
operations by 2006. 
GOL Request for Night Vision Devices (NVDs) 
¶3.  The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense presented Letters of 
Request (LORs) to the Office of Defense Cooperation for 
three different types of NVDs, to includinge Generation III 
Night Vision Devices., (Aall models requested are listed 
below.)  These LORs were forwarded to the Defense Security 
Cooperation Agency on 19 April 2005.  The requested NVDs are 
required to support Lithuanian troops deploying to 
Afghanistan to establish a Lithuanian-led Provincial 
Reconstruction Team (PRT), and Special Forces that will 
support NATO Reaction Forces -5 and -6 as well as planned 
follow-on missions in the GWOT.  The specific types NVDs 
     -  10 each, H6V Non-standard Night Vision and Imaging 
     - 22 each, BIM 35 Night Pocketscope; and 
     - 50 each, AN/PVS -14 Monocular NVD 
The intended end users of these NVDs is are the members of 
the Lithuania's Provincial Reconstruction Team in 
Afghanistan and the Lithuanian Special Forces unit. The 
Ministry of Defense requests a total-package approach to 
include training, logistics, spares, support equipment and 
maintenance.  Lithuania's MOD requests a waiver of any 
associated non-recurring costs. 
¶34.  Post provides the following information pursuant to 
DSCA request for Country Team assessment. 
--The procurement of these NVDs will greatly enhance the 
capabilities of Lithuanian armed forces scheduled to deploy 
in support of the Lithuanian- led Provincial Reconstruction 
Team and NATO Reaction Force -5, and the US-led NATO 
Reaction Force-6.  These NVDs will also directly contribute 
to the Lithuanian Armed Forces' capability to safely operate 
with along side its U.S. forces in the GWOT and NATO allies 
in future operations.  Not only will tThe NVDs will increase 
interoperability within NATO and but also enhance the 
training and readiness level of Lithuanian combat forces. 
Acquisition of NVDs will further is an integrated part of 
Lithuania's military transformation goal of creating Special 
Forces and conventional units that are fully deployable, 
sustainable, and interoperable with NATO. 
     ¶B.  The anticipated reaction of neighboring nations. 
     --Post does not foresee an adverse aeffect on or 
reaction by neighboring nations. 
     ¶C.  The ability of the purchaser to operate, maintain, 
and support the articles.  Training required either in- 
country or in the US and the possible impact of any in- 
country US presence that might be required as a result of 
providing the article. 
     --Considering the total- package approach, which has 
been requested, training will be included and should not 
involve more than 2-3 persons in country more than 10 days. 
US personnel regularly conduct training events in Lithuania. 
     ¶D.  The source of financing and the economic impact of 
the proposed acquisition. 
     --There is no negative economic impact.  Articles will 
be purchased with a fForeign mMilitary fFinancing grant. 
     ¶E.   Relevant human rights considerations that might 
bear on the proposed acquisition: 
     --There are no human rights considerations that bear on 
this acquisition. 
     ¶F.  Whether the US government should approve the 
transfer of the article and reasons therefore. 
     --Post strongly recommends approval of Lithuania's 
request for the procurement of the NVDs.  These articles 
will enhance the combat effectiveness of troops deploying to 
support a Provincial Reconstruction team and preparing for 
NRF-5 and NRF-6.  These devices will directly contribute to 
the training and readiness level of the armed forces and its 
interoperability with NATO forces.  Agreeing to this request 
will also reinforce the strong bilateral relationship 
between our nations and strengthen Lithuanian resolve to 
support OEF, OIF, the PRT, and Balkan Peace Support 
Flawless Security and Accountability 
¶5.  Lithuania has clearly demonstrated, through six separate 
End Use Monitoring (EUM) inspections, that it they maintains 
the required security level and accountability procedures 
for NVDs.   Lithuanian currently has 24 Generation III NVDs 
purchased with FMF funds in December 2003.  These NVDs were 
already inventoried by the Chief of the Office of Defense 
CooperationThe Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation 
already inventoried these NVDs four times, to includinge an 
on-site inventory in Afghanistan.  Additionally, Lithuanian 
received Javelin Command End Use Monitoring Launch Units in 
July 2004 which2004 that are subject to the same EUM 
requirements.  These 18 units were inventoried twice since 
delivery, and there were no deficiencies in security and 
accountability procedures.  Lithuania has a flawless track 
record for NVD security and accountability. 
¶6.  This is a fully coordinated country team assessment. 
¶7.  POC is LTC McDonough, Chief, Office of Defense 
Cooperation,, 370-5-266-5641